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The term "adjuvant" refers to a substance that is added to a formulation to enhance its properties. Silicon-based adjuvants are products with hydrophobic silicone backbone and hydrophilic groups attached. They lower the surface tension of water-based sprays to improve the wetting and spreading of chemicals. Their application in agriculture, can enhance the performance of agrochemicals and reduce wastage.

How does it work?

Silicone-based adjuvants reduce the interfacial tension at the air-liquid and liquid-liquid interfaces. This reduction in surface tension 'flattens' the spray droplets and results in superior wetting of hydrophobic plant surfaces.

Reduction in surface tension increases the spreading area of water based sprays

This enhanced wetting ability, in turn, improves the penetration of active ingredients, ensuring a more efficient systemic action within the plant

Water based spray solutions have better spreadability on plant surfaces without damaging the cuticles

What are the benefits of using silicone-based adjuvants?

  1. Increased crop yield: Increased product penetration and adhesion allows the agrochemicals to perform better, without damaging the sensitive plant cuticles

  2. Reduced wastage of agrochemicals and water: Reduction in spray drift allows for more precise sprayings leading to lesser quantities of the spray solution needed

  3. Increased Rain Fastness: Rapid uptake of agrochemicals, makes silicone-based adjuvants work in the wettest conditions

  4. Environment friendly: Non-ionic nature is naturally more biodegradable and reduced usage of agrochemicals and water reduces environment impact

  5. Compatibility with wide variety of agrochemicals: Chemical inertness of the product allows compatibility with various agrochemical formulations

To know more about silicone-based adjuvants and how they can help in your unique environment, please reach out to

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